The Old Church on the Hill brings together people from different religions, genders, cultures and ages within its walls and its community garden.

Make a Change Australia is talking with Rose Vincent of the Old Church on the Hill.  “Last year we had so much support for our fundraising for the community kitchen (which is getting built right now!).  It really shows people are so excited by the thought of growing, preparing and cooking food together!”

Food is certainly the glue that holds us all together.

In Bendigo there are around 100 Hazarra people.  The Hazarra are an ethnic minority from Afghanistan. Food in the Hazarra community is a significant part of their gatherings at the Old Church on the Hill.

There are over 25 groups that use the church as a place to gather and often we invite everyone to get together for a game of pop up soccer, a night of music, garden working bees or a shared pot-luck meal.

“Treat others how you would like them to treat you,” explains Rose, “is core to the Old Church on the Hill.  At our first meal with the Hazarra community we explained that the meal wasn’t a program or government initiative, just community friendship being extended” she smiles. “We bring people together because if we were in their country being offered hospitality would help us to feel welcome and we would make new friends and begin to share life together.”

Living Together is on Tuesday 15th March 6.30pm to 9pm, at the Morley Johnson Building 23-25 Mitchell St, Bendigo.

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This event is
hosted by Make a Change Australia in partnership with Loddon Campaspe
Multicultural Services and the generous support of The City of Greater
Bendigo, The Community Foundation for Central Victoria, Mayor Rod Fyffe
and Jumpleads NFP.