Let’s Pivot is an online program to support community leaders, organisations, and individuals
adapt to the current times and move forward with success!
This community and professional development was delivered free of charge and entirely online from
October 1st 2020 to March 31st 2021
A Resilience Response Program to Strengthen Community Efforts


Providing inspiration, information, digital connectivity, adaptation ideas,

and real time support to wherever you work best!

This Let’s Pivot online program includes: 

The 2020-2021 Let’s Pivot program is now complete, with another iteration planned for later in 2021.

If you’d like to bring Let’s Pivot to your community,
please get in touch here

Let’s Pivot provided a number of ways to get involved:


Receive inspiration, information,
connection and adaptation ideas,
via eight info-mailers

Delivered weekly, over two months
starting from 1st October


Share your wisdom, ideas, know how, stories, and projects to learn, connect with, and support your community to thrive.

16 Facilitated Community Zoom Discussions
Ramp Up Resilience Facebook Group


Join the Let’s Pivot Impact HUB
for a toolkit of practical resources

To further assist you, your organisation, and your people to respond, recover, and continue to move forward with optimism.

Zoom Sessions provide friendly, inclusive facilitated discussions for not-for-profits, community groups, leaders, and anyone who wants to be more effective or make a positive impact.

The series includes eight short sessions with each session building upon topics from the previous sessions.

Find out more about topics covered

Thanks to generous partners, the 2020-21 program was designed for
community groups, not for profits and volunteer based organisations in
Bendigo, Gannawarra, Loddon and Ballarat Shires, as well as Landcare Groups across Loddon Mallee
and all in our Make a Change networks.


We’d love to hear any wisdom or tales
about how you, your friends, your organisation
or your community
are adapting in these times

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