Kitchen Tables Outside the Square Thinking

By October 5, 2014General News

Rose Vincent has a kitchen that you immediately feel at home in, it is warm and relaxed from the sharing of many great conversations and delicious meals.  

Rose brings together the right ingredients for people to get involved and contribute, in their own way and time. She works for the City of Greater Bendigo assisting great initiatives such as Bendigo A Thinking City.   The City is one of the key drivers behind the next Outside the Square event Kitchen Table Conversations for Change.

We were curious to know what motivated Council to get behind “thinking!” out of the council chambers and into the kitchen’s of Bendigo, and asked Rose while sharing a cuppa at her kitchen table.

In the past Council engaged thinkers and leaders in the community to contribute to future planning, Rose explained.  This is great to do, but in many ways may not really  be a broad diverse representation of the community that Bendigo has grown to become.

Getting conversations started around kitchen tables means that a broader cross-section of the community can participate in shaping the future directions of the community.  It is easy, informal and connects in with people who might not usually consider themselves to be “leaders”.  Rather it is friends and family coming together to have a conversation.

Outside the Square this month invites you to our kitchen table.  We will share with you other communities who have created change over a cuppa and invite you to host your own kitchen table.