Inaugural 10/10 Community Mentoring Program Launches

A quick update on our 10/10 Mentoring Program recently launched in Bendigo:

  • Thanks to the generous support of Golden City Support Services and The City of Greater Bendigo, we launched in January this year
  • We completed the mentor/mentee application process and now have 10 mentees and 10 mentors selected.
  • The first facilitated session was held Tuesday 5thMarch, where all participants met and got started on the program
  • The mentees selected are all working on initiatives to benefit community, including social disadvantage, arts and culture, environment, health and wellbeing, disability, education, connecting communities and multiculturalism.
  • The skills being provided by the mentors include finance/accounting, business development, marketing and online communications, volunteer management, funding strategies, HR/team building.

A summary of the inspiring projects being supported via the 10/10 mentoring program:

  1. Victorian Mental Health Peer Collective – advocates for individuals to have more control over their recovery journey, their treatment and be able to make informed choices
  2. Matching Pets to People Program – aims to help vulnerable people (disability or mental health issues) to find a companion – dog or cat
  3. Saltworks – based in Eaglehawk, provides a community meal every week, and runs groups/classes responding to local community specified needs
  4. Bendigo Artists Inc – Aims to establish a viable ecosystem for creative professionals in the region
  5. Mez Whittle, professional musician and community engagement worker – specialises in working with youth using music as a therapy tool and working with autistic youth and youth who are homeschooled. Aiming to create a homeschool group, for youth aged 12-18 with or without disabilities and offer group music sessions throughout the school terms.
  6. Impact Recovery Bendigo – A local addiction recovery programaiming to empower individuals to overcome life controlling addictions. It helps them to overcome past traumas, mend relationships, participate in their local community, reconnect families, learn life skills, and support themselves and their families.
  7. Jane Ineson, artist– establishing a community for people exploring their identity as artists through life drawing
  8. Rotary Club of Bendigo Strathdale– contributes significant funds and resources for local and international community initiatives including for youth, disability and social disadvantage. Aiming to increase member engagement and long-term viability
  9. Bendigo Students Association – youth support/advocacy group which wants to  identify and share the effects on youths’ current difficulties in transport and access to opportunities to regional or metropolitan events and resources, with a focus on kids outside well-funded community zones.
  10. Earth Core – a project by Mirawarra Outdoor Education, connecting communities to local environments through outdoor education, Indigenous cultural awareness and environmental education. Aiming to connect youth from 12-25 years old from Indigenous and non-Indigenous backgrounds to share and learn about their connection to land.

10 out of 10 is a 10-month capacity building and mentoring program which aims to enhance performance, productivity and results for 10 local community organisations. Ten organisations are each partnered with a local mentor who is a respected specialist. These groups work on their own community resilience solutions, across sectors and a variety of local challenges.

If you’d like to discuss the possibility of bringing this program to your Shire as an effective way to support your community, please get in touch via our contact page.