How Outside the Square Makes a Change

We received great feedback how Outside the Square makes a change. We wanted to share with you what people had to say about our most recent Outside the Square – Celebrating Community  Lancefield.

At each of our events we work with an independent evaluator who collects feedback from participants.  It helps us understand the impact of our events, and how we are effective in supporting and inspiring others to make a change.

Here are just some of the responses we received:

Why did you participate?

To learn more about the issues, concerns and aspirations of this region and find out how I can get involved in helping.

An invitation to speak initially but I got so much more out of it.

What did you gain?

Impressed by the community support and involvement by all.

Learnt a lot about the area, met some lovely people.

How do you think this event will improve community?

It will help focus community resources and provide a way to strengthen connections with Council.

Bring people together to discuss ideas and create waves for change. People creating new networks of common goals, ideas.

It’s a start for some great projects.

What are your next steps?

Attend Let’s Nut it Out.

Conversations with those interested in the same ideas.

Our next event in the Lancefield and Cobaw region is taking place on Thursday the 14th of July, called Let’s Nut it Out.  It is a day of professional development dedicated to helping people work intensively on their projects and initiatives.  Click this link for more information and registration details.