Growing and Learning

By February 27, 20168. General News

Make a Change Australia is on a steep growth curve: partly as a result of our partnership with Jumpleads NFP & partly because community are responding in droves to the support we offer changemakers, visionaries and individuals with the best intentions to contribute to their local community effectively.

The most immediate development in this is: what started as community meetings and workshops – Outside the Square, Let’s Nut it Out, Expand Your Impact – have developed into comprehensive extended programs that engage people in discussion long before they arrive in the room. Leaving them with the impetus to create change, long after our event is delivered. Last year’s Outside the Square – Active Spaces program is a great example of this.

This year Make a Change Australia are looking forward to working with a number of communities to create positive change through our existing programs, as well as projects tailored to meet specific needs. This includes working with the Lancefield community in partnership with the Department of Environment Land Water and Planning over the next eight months to support growth as well as enjoying the pleasure of making new friends and connections !