Great people doing great things!

Caption: Mary-Anne & Daryl, Wycheproof Alive, advocating for & helping to make Wycheproof a vibrant, livable place

We’ve been out and about talking to locals in the Buloke Community, asking if they’ve noticed any acts of kindness around them, and to nominate a local ‘hero’

Responses we’ve received and the stories we’ve heard so far, have been heart warming!

We’ve also received some terrific nominations of ‘local hero’s – great people doing great things, including:

  • Tony Goode tirelessly and generally thanklessly sorts rubbish to make Buloke more sustainable. Since I broke my leg, he has also been mowing my front lawn and pulling up weeds in my driveway. He is the best person in the world
  • Murray visits other men in the community, helping them to set up mobile phones, volunteering as a driver to take people to medical appointments in Melbourne on a regular basis
  • Carol Reid, Pharmacy assistant several days a week, also reception at our doctors Monday & Fridays, does charity work for Red Noses, is a member of Birchip CERT team, also co- ordinates the Birchip-Wycheproof Gala Ball and instructs the Debutantes, is on the Commitee for Birchip CWA and is a member of “The Chocolate Sundae’s Singing Group as well as being a Farmer, Wife, Mother and Grandmother
  • Kylie Walsh she goes above and beyond for everyone – all students, teachers and community.
  • Pauline Egary – works in the Op Shop for many years / cares for her mum as well.
  • Grant Jones – regularly goes the extra mile in his role as PCA and as a member of the Charlton community.
  • Alex Morrison, Wycheproof. His contribution to the community is awe-inspiring
  • Stacey Morris – she’s a goer she gets things done and is always willing to help

Acknowledge someone today!

We reckon taking the time to think about and acknowledge those around us who are doing that little bit extra is well worth the effort. It can boost morale, foster a positive culture, and remind us that our efforts, no matter how big or small, do collectively contribute towards a better place, neighbourhood & community.

If you’ve seen someone that deserves recognition for something they have done, give them a shout out online here, or fill out a post card at one of the following locations:

  • Wycheproof Community Resource Centre
  • Charlton Neighbourhood House
  • Donald Community Resource Centre
  • Wycheproof Council Office
  • Birchip Library
  • Buloke Shire Community Library Bus

To tell us what you reckon & nominate a local hero, visit: https://bit.ly/buloke-hero  or contact Karen on 0483 104 361

‘What do You Reckon – Nominate a Local Hero’ is part of an initiative to acknowledge and support local and grassroots contribution in the Buloke region. For more information and other ways to get involved visit: www.makeachange.org.au/buloke