Gourmet Change

By August 31, 20148. General News


Michele Huthnance is a foodie.  She loves to eat quality food that is delicious.  Her other love is the natural world.  Finding herself in a conundrum of loving eating but aware of the effects our expanding civilization has on the environment, she created a solution.

Her solution is a delicious ‘challenge’, called Gourmet Evolution.  Michele is inviting Bendigo restaurants to create  2 new dishes. These dishes have to be delicious, contain little or no animal protein and minimal processed items.

Adam Nicoletti of The Corner Store Cafe has caught onto Michele’s Changemaker idea and spurred by the brilliant Bendigo weather he is planting a vegie patch on the cafe’s nature strip.  Like Michele, Adam understands the direct connection between food, community and health.  His garden will put back into the community, people have something to involve themselves in and become inspired to create change.

Eat your way to change with Gourmet Evolution and like them on facebook and ask your favourite eating place in Bendigo about their Gourmet Evolution dishes.