“I lived the first half of my life in Melbourne and the second half here in Bendigo,” Gordon McKern shares with me. Gordon moved his business and his family to Bendigo at 40years of age.  I am visiting his home today to talk about why creativity is so important to him, as a business leader and also the chair of the Bendigo Art Gallery

“Australia is a fantastic country and Bendigo is a wonderful city.  Not only because of the outstanding facilities such as the Ulumbarra Theatre or the Art Gallery and Rosalind Park, but also the number of volunteer organisations we have.”

In 1976, when he arrived in Bendigo, he was invited to join Rotary.  “I knew nothing about Rotary.  Not only did I meet new people, but the focus of my life changed.” 

Gordon refers to the recent Australian Story by ABC featuring Margot Spalding. “Watching this show impressed me. Jimmy Possum, a company for profit, is prepared to employ people who need a start in life.  It is typical of so many organisations in Bendigo who want to invest into others.” Another exampled is Paul Chapman’s Australian Turntable Company.

This is the change that living in Bendigo brought to Gordon’s life. He witnessed a community doing good for its own community, the nation and the world. “Since this time I help where I can, and volunteer within organisations where I believe I can assist.”

Gordon is currently the chair of the Bendigo Art Gallery and also the Aspire Foundation.  “Our vision is to have Bendigo recognised as the first multi-faith city from the Bendigo Goldrush heritage. Bendigo is made up of broad minded people, we can work with one another.”

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