Going from Good to Great with the Bearded Coach

Rob Murphy, or Murph, took the shake-up that is COVID-19 and used it to launch his own coaching venture: The Bearded Coach.

Prior to setting out on his own, Murph was working at Bendigo Bank in a coaching role, but decided to take a redundancy so that he could invest the time in himself and his community instead.

He now offers two free coaching services, on top of his range of paid coaching, facilitation and leadership services.

The first one, Good to Great Bendigo, is aimed at those who want a fast-paced, collaborative, online session, where they can ask questions and learn from others. Murph facilitates this in “lean coffee” style every second Thursday.

The second program, Connecting to Share Knowledge, is targeted at community leaders and focuses on solving community problems together.

“I am passionate about our community and want to help others grow and learn,” says Murph.

“At the Bearded Coach we are about helping people get better. Our aim is to have a positive impact on the communities we work in, be that the regional community, a work community or an individual’s personal community.”


Murph has been taking part in our Let’s Pivot program, and has been enjoying the weekly Zoom Discussions with other community leaders in regional Victoria.

What does he get out of the sessions?

“A celebration of all the wonderful things there are in communities across Australia. The energy and passion that people have for helping their community grow. A sense of belonging with people who care for and have pride in their community.”

If you’d like to know more about Murph’s work, see his website:

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