Give Handmade or Recyled this Christmas

By December 2, 20148. General News


Make, up-cycle or shop second hand this Christmas.

This is our second post on shopping social this Christmas and we are sharing the fantastic ideas and inspiration of Nicole Murphy and her Homemade present ideas Facebook Page.

“My family have a great Christmas tradition of giving a handmade or second hand Kris Kringle.  We have been giving this way for 15 years – even the kids are involved now!  My family are just not really into the consumerism that can be associated with Christmas.” (Pictured above are Nicole’s daughters and their recent gift making)

Nicole knows it sounds daunting to make gifts. “There’s so many great and easy ideas that don’t actually require any skill – you just keep getting better!”

“Starting the Facebook group was a way of sharing ideas with friends.  As I told people about our handmade gift giving, more and more people wanted to try making for Christmas gifts too! We post images of what we have made or ideas we find.”

A $10 price limited is placed on buying materials – the only other limit is your imagination – oh and also the deadline of the 25th of December!