Get Ready for Great Collaboration


Make a Change we’ve worked on hundreds of changemaking initiatives and
observed many more. One thing we’ve noticed is that collaboration is a
key to success.

Here are some of our top tips for great collaboration:

1. A shared vision

people to collaborate with you they first need to align themselves with
your vision. Create something inspiring and connect with people you
think would be on board with this. Or even better, work with people you
want to collaborate with and create a vision together.

2. Mutually beneficial

are more likely to come on board when there is something in it for
them. Be clear on the benefits right from the start and keep checking in
with them along the way. This is more likely to lead to long lasting

3. Complimentary skills and resources

skills and resources do you need for your change initiative? Be
strategic and find willing collaborators who can contribute what you
need. Be open to what you need too. Someone with a lot of passion and
enthusiasm may be just what you need to give your initiative a boost of
energy, even if they don’t have anything else to offer.

4. A sense of ownership by all

good collaborator will feel they have some ownership in the initiative.
This can be created in a number of ways. One great way is to ask for
their input on the strategy and the plan of the organisation, another is
to share the successes with your collaborators along the way.

5. Great communication

communication is essential for collaboration to succeed. That means
keeping everyone in the loop consistently, checking in, updates,
requests, feedback, picking up the phone when needed. We’ve seen change
initiatives fail due to poor communication between collaborators.

6. Have a key driver

a key driver that moves things along is essential. This could be in the
form of a passionate individual or an organisation that is part of a
consortium. However it is critical that the driver doesn’t drive things
to the point that they take over completely and end up doing everything
by themselves without consultation and input. This approach just doesn’t

7. Keep it diverse

people across sectors, across departments, across hierarchies. i.e.
stay away from silos, keep it diverse. One great way to do this is bring
everyone you have on board together first, get people excited about the
possibilities and create tangible next steps including how you will
expand the diversity of the team and partners if needed.

8. Let everyone contribute

has something to contribute and everyone wants to contribute – let
them! If they have made the effort to be a collaborator, then they are
most likely there to assist. Make the most of it and be open to what
they have to contribute.

What do you think? You may have some more ideas to share too! Please do, we’d love to hear from you.

With great collaboration the possibilities to make a change are endless. We have created a visual  download tool of the elements that enable great collaboration.