“We don’t think in terms of cash or kilos.”

 It is a chilly start to winter in Bendigo and this mid-morning Make a Change is talking with the locals who bring Food is Free to Bendigo everyday.  

Located on a park bench Marong Road in Victoria Hill Park, opposite the Goldmines Hotel is free food.  Surplus food from local’s gardens and Bendigo Foodshare.

“We want to encourage thinking in Bendigo to be what can I share?” Explains Bendigo Food is Free volunteer Irene.  “A backyard garden can grow an abundance of food and we have created a simple way for people to share their excess. It is amazing what you can grow and feed yourself and your street!”

The short time we were together talking at the table a number of people pulled up and picked food and also joined in the conversation.  Food is Free has got different people together and talking about gardening and sharing.  Conversations about food and our backyards that are unlikely to happen at supermarkets when we are shopping for our groceries.

You can find Food is Free Bendigo on Facebook.  Kelly from Food is Free will be joining the conversation at Outside the Square Homes for Change on Thursday the 25th of June with other locals sharing their ideas for active housing in Bendigo.