Have your say on Flood Solutions in Central Bendigo

Did you know parts of Central Bendigo could flood following major rainfall?

The City of Greater Bendigo recently completed an in-depth technical review and community discussion on flooding in Central Bendigo.

Make a Change was on board to undertake comprehensive community engagement. This involved informing residents and businesses on potential flood risk in the area, and harnessing local knowledge to add to the analysis of options.

Julian Skipworth, of Water Modelling Solutions, was the lead engineer undertaking the technical components of the project:

“Flood studies have long recognised that community consultation is a vital project component, however the type and level of engagement can vary considerably. Make A Change Australia had an excellent understanding of how to engage with the local community, through a long history of delivering engagement projects in the region.”

Part of Make a Change’s role was to develop a strategic communications approach

This was to ensure as many people as possible in the area, could find this information and have their say. This was implemented via community engagement activities including surveys, pop up engagements, in person and online workshops.

“The approach was highly successful and resulted in an unprecedented level of interest for a city which has not experienced major riverine flooding in decades. This has highlighted the benefits of utilising stakeholder engagement specialists on flood and flood mitigation projects, and the benefits that can be achieved through this approach, with floodplain engineers working alongside engagement specialists.” Julian Skipworth


More Information

The key objective of the project was to guide decisions about infrastructure investment/development and to reduce potential impact of flooding within the project footprint.

Technical analysis was undertaken by Water Modelling Solutions and included:

  • updating current flood data using new methodologies to reflect industry learning and new guidelines
  • assessing potential options to reduce the future risk of flooding

During the period of consultation: 80 mitigation options were collated and 35 of these were investigated further. A final 6 options were put forward for detailed modelling based on their general efficiency to mitigate flooding within Central Bendigo. These 6 options were discussed within the community to assist in the final decision making for Council.

For more information visit bendigo.vic.gov.au/bendigo-central-flood

To find out about our previous work with the City of Greater Bendigo on community engagement for flood resilience, see: Kangaroo Flat and Golden Square makeachange.org.au/flood-resilience

You can book a time to discuss your own community engagement projects via: makeachange.org.au/contact-us  or get in touch on: mobile 0483 104 361