“The sales pitch out there is to have a mortgage and everyone is buying it.”

Evan is an organic greengrocer running Organics Bendigo and rents a home in Bendigo’s central business district.  I am sitting with him, his wife Donna and their son Solomon at the kitchen table early on a Friday morning.  Evan goes onto explain; “We think a better way to use our capital is to put it into growing our business, rather than purchasing property.”

For this family, inner city living as renters has many upsides.  “We are a family with eight children.  There is no way we can afford right now to buy a home in town to comfortably live as a family.”

Organics Bendigo is located in Lyttleton Terrace, a walking commute time of 5 minutes. It’s an easy bike ride for the children to get to school and the family enjoy the many activities Bendigo has on offer all year round.  Another key benefit is close proximity to the community garden Evan established 15 years ago.

“I fill up my vehicle once a month – I’m sold on inner city living.”