People from across seven Central Victorian Shires came together in Inglewood to expand the impact of their work, vision, projects and ideas on the themes of: Building Resilience and Caring for Climate.


Another positive step in Ramp Up Resilience

So much goodwill in the room, so many great projects and ideas!

There was plenty of knowledge shared. The best part was people willing to participate fully and learn how to grow their vision; build their team; involve many more people; explore new ways to get the resources they need; in order to take their work and vision to a new level.

The room was packed full of great people doing great things, working on solutions such as:

  • workplace zero waste program;
  • industry climate change event aiming to involve community;
  • activities to empower youth, building optimism about the future;
  • activating a composting scheme that connects rural farmers with urban residents;
  • creating a ‘cooler’ main street to welcome incoming tourists and support local business in hotter seasons;
  • transitioning an entire Shire to adopt renewable energy with solar farms and solar gardens;

…and many many more.

Thank you to all participants for their generous contribution, industrious efforts, and collaborative spirit!


Other ways to get involved!

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Come along to a day of round table discussion to fine tune your ideas and develop your projects responding to the impacts of climate change. Work alongside peers and mentors to ‘nut out’ project challenges.

THEME: Combatting Climate Change

VENUE: Raywood Hall,
50-52 Inglewood St, Raywood

DATE: Tuesday 17th Sept
TIME: 10:00am – 4:00pm

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More information

This initiative is part of the Ramp Up Resilience, being held in Campaspe, Loddon and Bendigo Shires from April to October 2019. A series of thoughtful programs about climate, how it impacts us and what we’ll do about it. Find out more: https://makeachange.org.au/ramp-up-resilience

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