Expand Your Impact with BIG Vision!

“It was that sinking feeling of overwhelm, that inspired us to create the skills training program Expand Your Impact. The apprehension of knowing your vision is going to make a positive difference, while at the same time – it seems too hard to make it happen.”

This month Karen Corr and Sharon Seyd of Make a Change Australia delivered the last event, Expand Your Impact, for the Make a Change program in the Lancefield region.

“The momentum to make a difference is incredible in this region. There are so many diverse and innovative initiatives ready to expand and make an impact on the life of everyone in the community,” says Karen. “We know how hard it can be to make a project or enterprise happen.  That’s why we designed Expand Your Impact. When you have the right skills, and the right people around you, the challenges that you face in reaching your vision become easier to tackle.”

Expand Your Impact provided participants with resources to build their vision, mobilize their ‘A’ team, the know how to ‘talk-up’ their project and be resource reach.  “Skills and support ensures that valuable time and energy invested into a project will deliver great outcomes,” explains Karen.

The day began with everyone spending time reflecting on their project and their vision. “The Make a Change Program has been great,” says Vivien Philpotts, of Lancefield Neighbourhood House.  “Spending dedicated time to really get close to your projects is invaluable.” She shares her vision for Lancefield to be a; “happy, healthy and connected sustainable community. To be a model for other towns who want to make a difference.”

Participants on the day shared projects to impact not just a township, but everywhere! “My vision is a world that is driven by hope not fear,” says Lucy Mayes.  Her project is called Hope Hour. She is inviting communities around the world to participate in Hope Hour. “People might choose to participate by organising small family gatherings, or a whole community event,” smiles Lucy.

Tracy Kemp, of the Lancefield CWA, explains the positive difference that the CWA makes; “We look at women’s and children’s empowerment, we want to make women and children matter in every country.” She is now identifying local websites and newsletters to share CWA information to activate the wider community to support women and children.

Like Tracy and the Lancefield CWA, many people have projects that seek to impact and address disadvantage. Projects that empower others to create an even better life for themselves. Jackie Neiuwenhuizen believes that literacy has a profound impact on people’s lives. “My vision is to train volunteers to use a program to teach other people how to read.”  Her vision expands creatively to set up a purpose built caravan.  “The caravan will be a mobile classroom that can go to the people who want to learn to read, rather than have them go to a classroom.”

It has been an incredible journey since starting the Make a Change program in the Lancefield region. Thank you to everyone who expressed interest, participated, helped spread the word and got involved.

The Make a Change Program is an initiative of Make a Change Australia—a division of Jumpleads NFP. Delivered in partnership with the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, Lancefield Neighbourhood House and Romsey Neighbourhood House.

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