‘Expand Your Impact’ shines a light on Buloke’s grassroots achievements and challenges, providing inspiration and support for individuals and groups wanting to make a difference in their community.


Many of us wish we had more time, could get more done, be more effective or make our ideas happen.

We are more likely to attain these lasting benefits for ourselves, families and our communities when we are challenged to think differently, gain new skills and become more informed.

Not for profit Make A Change Australia is delivering free workshops for residents in the Buloke Shire to help reinvigorate their creative energy and keep them connected with like-minded people.


Supported by the Buloke Shire Council, all residents, businesses and organisations are invited to take part.

“These sessions will boost our energy following the challenges of Covid,” said Mayor Daryl Warren.

“Anyone can take part even if they are not presently actively involved in a local community group, they may be thinking about new ideas and goals for themselves or others, or simply curious to know more.”


Delivered via a Zoom video meeting room, the Expand Your Impact discussion series comes to residents where they’re most comfortable: home, office, classroom, community centre or Council meeting room.

“The upside of this online format is that it conquers distance and saves time,” added program organiser Karen Corr.

“To participate, it’s simply clicking a link provided to join in! There’s no need to travel.”


Make a Change Australia are also providing dedicated Zoom familiarisation sessions for anyone that registers, assisting those gain confidence communicating online.

“We are absolutely happy to help people through any roadblocks with technology to connect via Zoom. Particularly for those who have not done this before,” said Karen.

“We’re also pleased to be partnering with Neighbourhood Houses such as Wycheproof, Donald & Charlton Neighbourhood Houses who are offering use of their space, computers, and/or technical support, to the community if needed.”

Workshops are being delivered weekly over six consecutive weeks, with topics including:

  • Vision: Discovering and rediscovering ‘what lights you up?’
  • Projects: Giving thoughts and ideas the structure to ‘make them happen’
  • Story: Creating your compelling narrative – to ‘engage others’
  • Team: Building networks, growing communities and enlisting ‘support’
  • People: Working together effectively for ‘greater outcomes’
  • Digital Tools: Navigating the world online with ‘impact’

“We understand each participant has their own priorities for attending” added workshop facilitator, Sharon Seyd.

“With this in mind, all workshops are designed to be completely casual in format…we often do a lot of laughing while learning.”


The first workshop series starts Tuesday 26 April 10.30am – 12noon.

Participants can join online via their own computer, or make use of the computer facilities and technical support at the following locations:

  • Wycheproof Community Resource Centre, 280 Broadway, Wycheproof
  • Donald Community Centre, 31 Woods Street, Donald
  • Charlton Chambers, 1 High Street, Charlton
  • Birchip Chambers, 22 Cumming Street, Birchip


To find out more and register, visit: https://eyi-buloke-1.eventbrite.com.au or contact Karen on 0483 104 361

Expand Your Impact is part of a new initiative to acknowledge and support local and grassroots contribution in the region. For more information about this initiative visit: www.makeachange.org.au/buloke

This Zoom series is being delivered multiple times. For additional date options visit: http://makeachange-buloke.eventbrite.com