The following is a guest blog written by Anita Dickons – Mentor, Coach, Director Above the Line Thinking and Chair Community Leadership Loddon Murray.

We spotted this article on Linked In and Anita was happy for us to reshare. Anita’s neighborhood project is exactly what we are talking about with our last Ramp Up Resilience event and in line with the theme of our next event on July 27 on the topic of Connecting.

Do we really need a crisis to come together?

By Anita Dickons, Above the Line Thinking

After watching some of the awful events that have been happening around the world recently, as well as being appalled at times I was also moved to tears and inspired by how supportive we humans are of each other in times of crisis. I saw strangers risking their own lives to help others. It’s at times like this that it’s blindingly obvious how connected we are at an unconscious level.

I began to reflect on my own life and how connected I am to my community.

Well the first thoughts were, which community? I don’t know about you but I’m in a few, linked by some common thread such as which school my kids attend, a leadership program I was a graduate of, my Celebrant training school, work colleagues and so on, you get the picture.

My closest community around me every day is my neighbourhood and I realised I only know my next door neighbours over the fence, we have never even been in each others houses yet I have no doubt if they ever called for help I’d be there no matter what.

So what, I hear you ask! I’m getting to that.

I decided to hold a meet the neighbours evening and invite the whole street so they could all meet each other if they chose to. I have questions….. Do we have any vulnerable people in the street? If I was incapacitated who could I call on? How many business owners are there that we could use instead of a stranger? If we had a crisis who do we know?

So no, we don’t need a crisis. I’m building community without one. I’ve invited 24 households to my house on a Saturday evening to connect, share stories, eat cheese and have a wine or a cuppa – Simple!

Will they come? We’ll see, two days since the invites and I’ve had two really delighted yes’s so at least we won’t be alone!

So I challenge you to think about your community, get to know the people you live around. We are generally communal creatures, we DO help each other in a crisis let’s just not wait until then.

Anita Dickons

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