Cycling Cities – Possibilities for the Next Steps

By August 4, 20148. General News


Last week’s Outside the Square event sparked a lot of enthusiasm for creating a cycling city in Bendigo.

There are already various groups working on this including Bendigo Cycle Tourism and The Bendigo Sustainability Group’s (BSG) Active Travel Group. The trick will be in bringing it all together and building on the great work already achieved.

 The strategic priorities of the BSG’s Active Travel Group are:

1.       To connect Bendigo through a network of bike and pedestrian paths, linking green public space. People can travel all over Bendigo, for example from Epsom to Kangaroo Flat. Making active transport attractive and accessible for all.

2.       Developing a cycling/pedestrian culture, where the majority have respect and support for active transport, through community engagement and relationship building.

3.       More people out in the streets to create social and health benefits. Greater cohesion and inclusion; vibrant, active and connected communities,  improved mental and physical health.

The groups met recently to discuss the next steps and will be meeting again soon. If you want to be a part of Cycling Cities initiative contact Steve Abbott or Ben Shue