Creativity and Manufacturing Working Together in Bendigo

“My vision for Bendigo is to symbiotically develop our creative and manufacturing capacity. Bendigo will be known as the city to view art, and to commission public artworks.”  Make a Change is on the factory floor talking with Paul Chapman Executive Chairperson of Australian Turntables and Chairperson of the Bendigo Inventor Awards.

Right now his team is working on an enormous public artwork Christmas commission for the Sydney’s Star Casino and Crown Casino Melbourne.  “The creation, design, manufacturing and project management of public art works is an industry in its own right.  There is demand for public art works from governments, corporations and institutions. Right now no other city in Australia can claim it can do it.  I think Bendigo can be a leader in executing public art projects.”

Paul seeks to attract students to Bendigo’s university to study art and public art.  Alongside the university experience will be internship for the arts students, within Bendigo’s Manufacturing industry.  “To me public art covers every discipline from art to business to manufacturing.  For Bendigo artists and Bendigo manufacturing to thrive we need creativity and manufacturing to work together.”


Share your vision for creativity in Bendigo at Outside the Square: Creative Communities
The Schaller Studio
Cnr Bayne & Lucan Street, Bendigo
Monday 14 December 7pm-9pm
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