Creative Communities – Thankyou and Next Steps

Photos: With thanks to Shane Carey, The Sensitive Shutter Photography



Our final event of this years Outside the Square Active Spaces series Creative Communities was a great success.

Community gathered and were interested to explore ways to collaborate and build on the amazing creative community in Bendigo.

It was such a fun night !

  • We brought together 100+ people representing many different aspects of Bendigo’s creative community

  • We heard from great speakers sharing their projects and their passion for creativity

  • We explored questions like what we need for our own creativity and what we can offer

  • We shared our goals and aspirations for building and supporting creativity in Bendigo in 2016.


All in all the evening was a chance to connect with others passionate about making a change in the creative community of Bendigo and realise we are not alone in our creative endeavors.


A big thankyou to the City of Greater Bendigo Capital Venue and Events, Jumpleads NFP, The Schaller Studio, Bendigo Makers’ Crib, Mayor Rod Fyffe, Golden City Support Services, Sky Lily Simpson, Shane Carey, The Sensitive Shutter Photography, and our volunteers, ambassadors and supporters all of which helped to make the evening such a success.


Here are some next steps and ways you can get involved:

Help set up a creative-common art space in Bendigo
If you are interested in the possibility of setting up a creative-common arts space, complete this survey questionnaire and get in contact with Patrick Thwaites [email protected]
Be part of an ongoing group to support our Creative Community
38 people put their name down to continue the conversation from last night’s event. If you would like to join this group email [email protected] and we’ll put you in touch.

Join the BendArts online group
If you’re not already part of this online group, head over to Bendarts Group, a Central Victorian Arts Network

Get involved in upcoming events
Keep the inspiration going in January at the City of Greater Bendigo’s Garden Party, a temporary outdoor studio.
Get involved in the Bendigo Festival of Cultures in March
And Enlighten – a youth light projection project.

Make use of the existing arts spaces on offer
Twelve Sheds Art Space, Heathcote Community House, Aspire Foundation’s community grounds outside the Bendigo Cathedral were just some of the art spaces mentioned on the night. There are many more too, share your space ideas here.
Be part of projects to bolster our creative economy and community
  • Support local makers for Christmas at Bendigo Makers’ Crib shop.
  • Get involved in Pop Up Art.
  • Advocate for a world class performing arts school
  • Buy and sell local art and home made wares on Bendarts Shop
  • Share and find out about upcoming events, gigs and creative classes on Bendarts Guide
  • Continue to support and spread the word about all that’s on offer in Bendigo in anyway you can!


Outside the Square Facebook
Stay connected and keep sharing on social media with #creativecommunities
. Particularly if you have initiatives and ideas you didn’t get to share last night.


And finally ……

Make a Change has spent the whole year looking at the active spaces we inhabit in Bendigo:


Our Homes
Our Public Places and Unused Buildings
And the more abstract concept of the Creative Space
This has been done utilising the Outside the Square program which provides a neutral space for community to explore concepts and uncover new pathways.


What is needed now are initiatives to keep the conversations going, as well as ongoing support to enable and ground community projects.

to keep the conversations going, as well as
ongoing support to enable and ground community projects. – See more at:


to keep the conversations going, as well as
ongoing support to enable and ground community projects. – See more at:

If this is of interest to you, keep an eye out for:

If you would like to assist in making these programs happen either through sponsorship or in-kind support then please get in contact here.

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