Creative Communities Ambassadors and Supporters


We know that Bendigo’s Creative Community is huge. We know because through the process of producing our latest Outside the Square event on the topic of Creative Communities we are discovering more and more amazing creative initiatives every day.

It’s inspiring because creativity is the back bone of communities – health and well being, social connections, self expression, local economies, community development, street vibrancy, tourism, the list could go on.

There are so many people we could recognise and acknowledge in this space. As a start we’d like to extend our warmest and heartfelt thanks to our Ambassadors, supporters and speakers that helped bring our Creative Communities event to life:

Albert Skipper, Rock Pride Music

Amy Moylan, The Schaller Studio

Chris Kennett, Illustrator

Danielle Snowden, The Nerdy Birdy

David Chisholm, Bendigo International Festival of Exploratory Music

David Lloyd, City of Greater Bendigo, Capital Venues and Event

Deb Allan, Gorgeous Voices

Gordon McKern, Aspire Foundation

Hardik Jani, Bendigo Indians

Herbert Hermens, Keech Australia

Hugh Waller, Artist and Bend Arts Guide

Jacinta Walsh, Pop Up Art

Jacques Sodell, Undue Noise

Jenna Little, Creative Business Network

Jessica Spalding, Independent artist

John Willis, CreateAbility

Julie Andrews, Julie Andrews Art

Kelly Hartland, CARTELL

Kirsten Beever, Performing Arts Advocate

Leanne Fitzgibbon, Bendigo Art Gallery

Maree Tonkin, City of Greater Bendigo

Mark Polsen, Manager, Twelve Sheds Art Space

Neil Fettling, La Trobe Art Institute

Noemi Cummings, Loddon Campaspe Multicultural Services

Paul Chapman, Australian Turntable Company

Paul Northam, Visual Arts Centre Latrobe University

Reece Hendy, Street Artist / Graphic Designer

Rosemary Sorensen, Bendigo Writers Festival

Roz Effenberg, Crochet Groups

Sally Rose, Mind Recovery College

Sally Thomson, Bendigo Pottery

Sandra Hosking, Drawing Flash Mob

Sharon Seyd, Jumpleads NFP

Sky Lilly Simpson, Gestalt Therapist

Shona O’Brien, Bendigo Maker’s Crib

Tamara Marwood, Create Business

Tim Connors, Rotary Club of Bendigo Next Generation