It’s been a privilege to work with so many wonderful people throughout 2019

Consistently – and in growing numbers – people are taking the future into their own hands, applying inspiring, innovative, even brilliant solutions to the challenges we face moving forward.

Supporting this, at Jumpleads NFP, we’ve facilitated a range of projects that cover a broad spectrum from environment to the arts utilising Make a Change and Pop Up Art programs.

In partnership we’ve been a vehicle to change cultures and invigorate communities.

Here are some key insights we’ve gained along the way:

  1. Expert support is available, if we’re willing to ask – 10/10 Mentoring Program
  2. Connection and inclusion is wanted and needed – Connecting Long Gully
  3. Local authorities are willing to listen to local wisdom and invest in relevant solutions – Flood Resilience
  4. There are many under-utilised resources in communities. We can all get more active and involved – Healthy Hearts Victoria
  5. Resilience is important for regional communities, and it’s ramping up everywhere – Ramp Up Resilience

Many thanks for your interest and participation. Looking forward to working with you again in 2020.

Karen, Sharon and the Jumpleads Team