Community Group Activates an Abandoned Quarry


The Wolstencroft Park used to be a quarry. It was so deep that when people stood the top the people at the bottom looked like ants!  This unused and unless space was centrally located and for local families they saw the potential in reclaiming this space.

Quarry Hill resident Ian McBurney, and member of the Wolstencroft Area Action Group, is sharing with Make a Change, how a community group activated this space!

“When the quarry was closed it was then used for landfill and in the 1990s the council and the community worked to create a master plan for the space, but when a new council came in the park development was taken out of the budget,” explains Ian.

The on-and-off relationship with local council and community continued for some years.  Despite the uncertainty for the park the community have continued to enjoy the park.  Celebrating Halloween and Christmas together for the last four years.  Kick-to-kick between the park neighbors happens regularly.

Excitingly this financial year local council funding has been allocated and grants won.  Ian smiles, “We are building a nature play ground with a mini forest and connecting people around the bike track.”