Changemakers are everyday people who see an issue in their community –
whether in their workplace, their school, their community group, their
street, their town – and they get in and do something about it.
We’ve showcased many Changemakers over the years like Marcus Westbury, Ann-Maree Davis, Melanie Lee and Max Levi Frieder.

Each changemaker has skills and knowledge to share, and there’s always something new to learn.
in and having a go at creating change is so rewarding, particularly
those moments when you really see your work making a difference. But it
sure can have its challenges too.

That’s why days like Lets Nut it Out are so important. Setting time aside to work intensively to activate your changemaking project with peers can generate real impact, new solutions and powerful connections.

Let’s Nut it Out an all day workshop in Central Victoria, hosted by Make a Change Australia, is happening on the 11 April 2016.