Changemaker Rose Vincent

By July 16, 2014General News

Meet the wonderful local Bendigo Change Maker Rose  Vincent.

Rose Vincent, Change Maker, with red tea pot at the Old Chruch on the Hill 

Rose is creating a space for people to gather and build connections to themselves, their families, their neighbours and the earth.

The Old Church on the Hill has become an inspiring space where people gather for all sorts of reasons – table tennis, youth groups, craft, film nights, talks, community celebrations, break-dancing and singing just to name a few.  Turn up to a pizza night there and you’ll be eating delicious home pizza’s alongside 200 of your neighbours!

The Old Church on the Hill is warm, inviting, kid friendly, welcoming. When you’re there it’s almost like you are in someone’s home with comfy couches, crocheted rugs, fairy lights and kids artwork on the walls.

Rose is the point of contact for groups that use the space. She does this on behalf of the Cornerstone Community who have been given a peppercorn lease by a very generous philanthropic organisation who bought the property from the Uniting Church on behalf of the community groups that use it.

Rose had the vision about what to do with the space when she first started using it a few years ago before it was bought by the philanthropic group. The reason it has been so successful in it’s uptake and use is that Rose has this amazing ability to create the space for all of this to happen without it being a top down approach. Rose doesn’t run any of these groups that use the space, or come across as having authority to look after the space. No Rose is like a close friend you’ve known for years, and she just makes you feel like the space is yours just as much as hers.

Rose is a quiet achieving change maker that would never boast about what she has achieved with this space and the sense of community that has been created as a result. For that, she is a total inspiration and I have no doubt in my mind that as a result of her vision and her approach to making the space work, the Old Church on the Hill will be a thriving hub of community activity and connections for many many years to come.