We’re pleased to have assisted Advance Heathcote in an initiative to invigorate leadership & increase volunteerism in their local community

Advance Heathcote is a not for profit organisation, working ‘to advance the liveability and community wellbeing of Heathcote & Districts’ [ http://www.advanceheathcote.com ]

Their recent initiative themed “Celebrating & Strengthening Community” involved having conversations with residents in Heathcote to listen for what’s wanted & needed in relation to participation & contribution, so that future planning can be based in common understanding.

Celebrating & strengthening communities is a large part of our mission here at Make a Change. We’re always looking for ways we can support local organisations & individual leaders who work tirelessly to support their communities to thrive.

For this project, we assisted Advance Heathcote in designing a strategic communications plan.

This was to ensure the invitation to participate was welcoming, clear & takes people on a journey from awareness > to engagement > to discussion > to relevant solutions.

We also facilitated two in-person gatherings, a lunch & dinner.

These gatherings were to find out what might assist individuals to become more involved in their community & what can be done to further support those already active.

Through open & honest conversations the intended outcome to generate ideas & action around what community leadership looks like for Heathcote & its district community & how this can be nurtured, developed & grown, was achieved.

Advance Heathcote will use the outcomes of this initiative to inform their planning of projects now & into the future.

If you live, work or visit the Heathcote region & would like more information, email [email protected]

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