An emerging group of local artists called cARTel aim to create new ways to promote artists and their art. Relying less on the traditional established system, cARTel strive to think outside the box of buildings.

Founder of cARTel, Kelly Hartland, said: “The art world is changing, basically, as artists, we need to adapt to this impending, not yet comprehensible change, or die. Which is an astounding position to find ourselves in, watching galleries around Australia struggle or close. Where is the hope; the direction? Yet art is an integral part of humanity. Imagine life without the arts?! ”

Well, yes. Let’s for a moment imagine life without the arts, without artists. No fiction to stimulate our imaginations, no films to lose ourselves in, no photography to help us see the familiar anew. No paintings to resonate with, and no music.

It was once famously suggested to Winston Churchill that he cut funding to the arts to pay for Britain’s war, to which he responded “Then what would we be fighting for?”

Could Churchill be speaking of liberty with this quote – the liberty of freedom from the captivity of self? Or that Art is the soothing balm for the human experience?  Perhaps art does help us connect with ourselves and one another.

Who could exist well in a world without art?

In celebration of local artists, cARTel members Elise Lidgett, Bridget Robertson, Julian Newman and Kelly Hartland produced a paste-up for Chancery Lane depicting cARTel members in disguise standing upon a travelator, to make good use of the sloping background.

In image from left to right: Kelly Hartland, Tony Day, Bryley Savage, Bridget Robertson, Kelly Robson, Jon Savage, Phil Ahearn, Hugh Waller & Julian Newman

Photo credit : Elise Lidgett


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