Can tuning into how our brain works help create a healthy community?

By June 24, 20148. General News


Ann Lansberry, an active member of the Bendigo community, has recently started an interesting health related initiative called “Brain Based Health”.

Ann is a passionate changemaker involved in many groups and organisations including the Bendigo Community Farmer’s Market and Bendigo a Thinking Community. One of her passions and areas of expertise is around brain focused change solutions, and in particular how this relates to health and diets.

Ann states that “between 90-95% of people who embark on a diet fail. Obesity is on the rise and Bendigo is one of the most obese towns in Victoria. People are constantly told they should just move more and eat less despite the overwhelming evidence that trying this dooms people to failure and actually promotes long-term weight gain.”

Ann says that “getting healthy is the trick and understanding how your brain works is the key to making long-term healthy changes to your lifestyle”.

The aim of Brain Based Health is to dispel diet myths and help people focus on a realistic and achievable healthy change.

You can hear more about Brain Based Health and other healthy community initiatives at the Outside the Square Healthy Communities event on this Thursday.