Innovative organisational solutions following bushfire devastation

This is an amazing story of how South Coast Health & Sustainability Alliance (SHASA) has not only built resilience through local solar power provisions but most importantly has built resilience within their organisation, with a long range view

After devasting bushfires took out 80% of their Shire, SHASA got to work on a plan to ensure the future safety of their community. They did this by creating ‘Havens’ – community spaces that were powered by solar & batteries & other critical modifications. Now their community, evacuation & health centres can support their town folk, even in the event of power outages

This has been a very successful initiative & SHASA continues to thrive as an organisation. Through leadership, positive delegation & investing in their volunteers, – whilst instilling a sense of FUN in all they do!

Kathryn Maxwell shares her golden nuggets for growing & sustaining a thriving organisation in order to create positive change inside community.  Listen in to learn more!

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