Breaking Tha Mould

By August 2, 20148. General News


Breaking Tha Mould is a new initiative, in Central Victoria, to engage ‘at-risk’ young people in education and community through hip hop culture, developed by Shani Aziz and Hiphopportunities For Youth Inc .

Shani is a social entrepreneur and student of the current Bendigo Social Change program Make A Change is delivering in partnership with the School for Social Entrepreneurs.  Keith MacQueen is mentoring Shani with Bendigo 101 adding value to her work by “…engaging with someone who has lots of experience.”

Keith is State Community Strengthening Manager Victoria, Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, and an active volunteer for the Bendigo Blues and Roots Festival.

Bendigo Bank are, of course, famous for their community banking model that shattered the traditional business-of-banking in Australia. The mentoring experience is valuable for Keith it is an active way he  “…gives back to his community; the growth and the future of it.”

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