BIG weather changes are evident locally & globally. Pointing us all towards a future that may need new ideas, solutions & approaches

You’re invited to join this vital conversation about extreme weather & its direct impacts on our communities

Hosted by Make a Change in partnership with many local organisations, this initiative is designed for us to ‘talk about the weather’ specifically in the Loddon Mallee region: How we’ve been impacted? How we’ve managed? And what we can do differently moving forward?

From recent devastating floods, storms & bushfires, to the shadow of the millennium drought plus ongoing challenges posed by big weather events – this initiative seeks to foster an open dialogue.

Asking people to come together to connect, learn & share experiences to inform relevant future solutions, for our region.

We believe that by sharing insights & ideas, we can collectively explore possible solutions. Aiming to improve circumstances & lessen the impact of BIG weather events on the people we care about, the organisations we are part of & the towns we live in.

You’re most welcome to be a part of this important conversation in the following ways:

Tell us what you reckon about BIG weather

Have you now, recently or ever been impacted by BIG weather?

What happened & how did you get through?

Would you be willing to share your thoughts, ideas, experiences for others to learn from?

Share your thoughts HERE

Join us for a cuppa, cake & some local wisdom

Held in June & July in the Shires of Campaspe, Loddon & Central Goldfields, we’re hosting casual inclusive conversations.

With refreshments provided, local speakers will be talking about their own experiences & solutions as well as just providing the space & time for catching up & some general mingling.

Dates & Venues …coming to you soon

Stay in the loop for upcoming events...

Attend online workshops to explore ideas & develop local solutions

Offering online workshops called ‘Expand Your Impact’ these sessions can assist you in addressing some of the challenges of BIG weather.

We’ll be covering themes such as: getting connected to ‘vision’; providing structure to projects; creating a compelling narrative to engage others; building your team & enlisting support; collaborating & working effectively with others; growing audience & participation.

Perfect for anyone who wants to develop new approaches to ‘getting stuff done’

Look out for workshops

More ways to join the conversation

Join the Make a Change Facebook Group to connect with like-minded people. This is a place for anyone who wants to make a change. It’s for sharing knowledge, ideas, inspiration, and support, assisting all to keep going!


Find Out More

Let’s Talk About the Weather is a comprehensive communications, engagement, collaboration & skills building program. To raise awareness for & support the development of local solutions to the impacts of extreme weather. This project is supported by FRRR, through funding from the Australian Government’s Future Drought Fund

If you’d like to bring an initiative like this to your community, get in touch with the Make a Change team via: [email protected] or 0483 104 361