Pictured from left to right: Karen Corr, Make a Change; Rohan Hogan, North Central Catchment Management Authority; Andy Sloane, Bendigo Health and GREATER; John Willis, Golden City Support Services – joining the discussion to connect ideas


Climate change, land degradation, community wellbeing, food production, obesity, and inclusion are complex issues that are often addressed individually.

Understanding the overlap, and that solutions are more effectively addressed collaboratively, has led several organisations in Bendigo to CONNECT in one BIG discussion around these topics.

“Effective solutions begin with productive discussions” says Karen Corr from Make A Change Australia, the local not-for-profit facilitating Greater Bendigo’s Curriculum for Change.

The Curriculum is a year long initiative encouraging locals to think differently and create new solutions. The next topic is focusing on the links between health and the environment.

Bendigo’s leading service organisations support this approach, with North Central Catchment Management Authority, Bendigo Health, and Golden City Support Services, eager to see people getting involved.

Rohan Hogan of The North Central Catchment Management Authority says “Bendigo locals need to remember that we are surrounded by beautiful landscapes and forests”.

To be a healthier community Andy Sloane, of Bendigo Health and the GREATER partnership says “We need to work together and our connection to our environment is vital to this.”

“We know the environment plays a huge part in people being able to function well in their lives and that’s everything from nature to social environment and the urban environment.” says John Willis of Golden City Support Services.

“Listening is part of the solution” says Karen who with her team is out and about asking people ‘What do you reckon?’

Everyone is invited to participate via online discussions, or via attending the next Outside the Square gathering “Connecting: People. Land. Food. Life” on Thursday 27 July.


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