Being a Changemaker

By April 19, 20158. General News


My family and I are going on a road trip in the middle of the year. 

Part of the trip is to explore Australia, spend time together, experience a different way of life travelling in a camper van. Part of it is for me to write. 

had this desire to write a book about “Being a Changemaker”, a
collection of stories and resources for anyone who is up for making a

I’m always collecting stories and tuning in to
inspiring people making big changes and I’m fascinated by what it is
that makes their initiatives successful. But more importantly I am fascinated
by what makes them tick. I’m constantly looking at this for myself too.
Who do I need to be to be an effective changemaker? 

So all of this inquiry has prompted me to write a book.

intend this book to be available as a source of inspiration and
practical ‘How To’ for changemakers and something we can all use as a
guide to encourage other changemakers around us too.

If you’d like to be part of bringing “Being a Changemaker” alive you can do so in these ways:

 It is easy to get involved just leave a comment below or on Make a Change facebook page and I will get right back to you.