Banking on Creating Change

By March 16, 20158. General News


“Sharing new ideas to spark discussion is one way to take steps towards creating change.”

David Robertson, head of Financial Markets & Business Finance at Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, recently presented at the Bendigo Business Council State of the Market Breakfast.  

Inspired by his presentation we approached David to share his story of how business is creating real change in community.  David explains; “When I am asked to give an update on the economy it is easy to make use of the traditional measures such as GDP, income growth and productivity levels. But I question how deeply and effectively do these indicators really measure our success as a country, as a community? Are there other measures we could also consider, such as the Genuine Progress Indicator?”

Creating shared value is the stated driving force behind everything Bendigo and Adelaide Bank does. The Bank understands you can’t run a successful business unless your customers succeed and live in strong, prosperous communities.  As such it’s in the Bank’s interest to invest in creating both.

“I use public speaking to invite the financial sector to consider deeper measurements of the economy, indicators that consider environmental and social health of a community or a country. Mentioning these measures may result in broader-view economic and financial tools to understand the true success of an economy, one step at a time.”

Make a Change is interested in the wider conversation David is creating. Many changemakers may have their eyes glazed over when economics is mentioned in terms of GDP and other economic information presented. However real engagement is created when people know how well their community is doing. Is our community healthy?  Is our environment healthy? Are people in meaningful jobs and employment? Can everyone access a great education? Perhaps this new way of reporting is just what’s needed.

Please get in contact with us if this is of interest to you. We would love to share your ideas or find out about groups who are working in similar ways.

Written by Tamara Marwood of Create Business. Tam is a maker, player and communications expert working across community, commercial, and the not for profit sector.