By “changemaker” we mean anyone who wishes to make a change in their community.

Changemaker describes people involved or wanting to get involved in social and environmental initiatives, including events, projects, programs, fundraisers, campaigns… anything! A changemaker is someone who takes action when they see something that needs to be done in their community.

Changemakers come from all walks of life from volunteers to business leaders, board members to students, staff members to social entrepreneurs and founders of not-for-profit organisations.

How we define ‘community’

When we refer to community we’re talking about a group of people living or working together in one location or area. It could include a municipality, a suburb, a business, a university, or even a virtual community online.

Being a changemaker

Being a changemaker is a form of leadership, but it’s not a ‘top down’ approach in the traditional sense of leadership. Anyone can be a changemaker no matter what their job, title or status.

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