Announcing Outside the Square 2015

We are thrilled to
announce that this year Make a Change is running our successful Outside the Square program once again in Bendigo. We will run a series of events
with the overarching theme of “Active Spaces”.

The theme Active
Spaces is relevant to Bendigo on so many levels. From the design and
adaptability of our own homes to enable active living, to how we connect
with our neighbourhood and local open spaces, to the revitalization of
unused buildings and public participation to liven up our streets.

Outside the Square we will bring together people interested in the
challenges and possibilities around activating spaces and in turn we
will activate community participation in creating solutions.

first event as part of this Active Spaces series is on the topic of
Housing. We are very pleased to say we are delivering this event in
partnership with the City of Greater Bendigo and with the generous
support of Birchgrove Property and Arbor Estates.

The ActiveSpaces – Housing event will be held on Thursday 25th June. If you would like to be a
part of this event please register your interest here.