Adam Bostanci has two ideas around creating a social hub in Lancefield, connected to a possible megafauna attraction in the Lancefield Park.

As this years Chair of the Extinct Megafauna Festival, Adam knows a few things about bringing people together.

“A megafauna display or play ground could be a social hub for people to hang out with their families, and of course have coffee.”

In the lead up to the next Make a Change event; Let’s Nut it Out, we are asking locals about which project they are working on. Let’s Nut it Out, is a day-long event, at which people who are thinking about projects, or running a project or a community group; get to nut out any issues or challenges they might be facing.

“A social hub needs good connectors – it would be ideal to have a cycling and walking track around Lancefield that connects the hub in the park to the town and is safe for family walking and cycling.”

Inspired by the cycling and walking path between Lancefield and Romsey, Adam thinks its regular use shows that locals and visitors from further afield would use this sort of facility.

“I am a science writer, and one of my recent projects was on public transport and health. Cycling and walking are great for health, and research shows that if the infrastructure is there – then people will trial it and incorporate it into their daily or weekly routines.”

Do you have a great project on the go, or are you working with a community group to develop an idea?  Then Let’s Nut it Out is for you!