Active Communities Change Lives


Damien Tangey is Make a Change guest’s writer this month.  Damien is a Bendigo based developer who creates homes for change, a profession he describes as place making. Seeking to build active communities that genuinely change people’s lives for better.

Damien writes; traditionally placemaking in regional cities is informed by local government planning processes, planners and developers working to a repeatable formula, with incremental improvements. However, in central Victoria buyers and potential residents are looking for a sense of authenticity and community engagement that comes from placemaking.

The opportunity to step out of the formula of subdivisions and development becomes a reality with the advancing cultural maturity and diversity of a city that Bendigo now experiences. It is largely driven by demographic change creating demand for a greater range of living and price options within a strong community environment.
Placemaking creates community for active living through  planning and providing of community spaces. Homes require linkages, character and soul that provide the tangible and intangible reasons why you would want to live there and enjoy sharing the space with others.

Placemaking provides a macro scale to plan for integration of community facilities, sustainable initiatives and active living enablers like walking and cycling linkages through a hierarchy of open spaces. It also allows the cost effective implementation of new technologies to lower living expenses.  These ingredients are the key drivers of building a community spirit that is the sense of place.
There is not one set solution for placemaking.  It is an evolving practice for all stakeholders including community, regulators and developers, that is informed as our lives and community needs change. Right now our community needs active living, greater choice for different stages in life, education in technology and engagement in community.

 You are invited to join the Outside the Square conversation #homes4change and explore how our homes change as our lives and community change.  

We think it is possible to live in a city that has housing to meet the needs of all of us.  

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Pictured is Mike Day (middle), Murray James (left) from Roberts Day and Damien Tangey