A Tool for Organisations to Track Their Investment


Like many community focused businesses, Make a Change provides pro bono services to community groups. It was only recently that I
realised I could be tracking this as a way to report back on the value
we provide communities.

This is useful for many reasons – inspire staff
who want meaningful work, celebrate and acknowledge contributions,
report back to stakeholders. I have started doing it purely just
to understand and value my own contribution.

How many organisations do this? I know of some such as Design Experts with their Working in Harmony program.

I’ve developed a great tool to help track and celebrate the contribution you are making.

this spreadsheet throughout the year is a
good idea. When it comes to reporting time it’s easy to look at the
spreadsheet and create an inspiring report!

Good luck with it and let us know how you go with it! We would love to hear from you how your organisation is investing into changemakers!


Download the Make a Change Australia Free Tool to Track your Organisation’s Changemaker Investment