Andy Moore is the editor of the local newsletter in Lancefield, the Lancefield Mercury. He was just one of the attendees of ‘Outside the Square—Celebrating Community,’ when he decided that one of the ideas he would like to support—to assist his community to thrive—is the establishment of a social heart.

“We have a beautiful plantation in the centre of town,” Andy explains. “If Lancefield were a European city it would be used all the time – warm evenings would see people strolling around the centre of town enjoying the socializing and watching and participating in the activities. It has so much potential to become a community hub.”

In the lead up to the next Make a Change event, Let’ Nut it Out —where people who are thinking about projects, or running a project or community group; get to nut out any issues or challenges they might be facing—we are interviewing locals and the projects they are interested in making happen.

Andy continues, “This area would work really well with a bocce court, or tables and chairs with a chess sets. Another idea would be a small timber velodrome for kids, it could be constructed so that it could be moved from town to town in the shire.”

We asked Andy what the next step is to make this project happen. “To get Council on board, and get a program to put in place for this area to get people coming along; such as bands, regular Friday dances, extra farmers markets in the evening. We would encourage the food venues/coffee shops to open later and reduce restrictions on alcohol consumption.”

“Summer weekend evenings in Lancefield will never be the same!”

Do you have a great project on the go, or are you working with a community group to develop an idea? Then Let’s Nut it Out is for you! It’s taking place on the 14th of July in Romsey