A Quick Way to Stay Positive in a Negative Media World


There is a lot of bad news and negativity in the media right now. Is it just me or does it seem to be increasing?

I get that it is good to be informed, we can alert ourselves to risks and dangers as a result, we can find out what we need to stand for or fight for. Yes I do get that.

But I also get that if we just tune into this sadness, tragedy, awful negative actions, we become depressed, overwhelmed, alarmed, sad and our ability to take action lessens. Well that’s what happens to me anyway, I’d be interested to know if that happens to others too.

For this reason, I choose to tune into positive, inspiring actions – locally, nationally and globally. There is so much amazing activity happening that when you tune in it will blow your mind.

Paul Hawkens‘ quote sums it up well.

I particularly love this line:
“Humankind for all it’s perfidy and ignorance is a problem solving brilliant animal”

Wow of course, yes we are smart and we can change our ways if we really put our minds to it.

Make a Change is about tuning into the brilliance, the inspiring, the people that are out there solving the problems of the world.

Let’s all tune into this and share with each other. You just never know what positive influence that may have on others too.