2015 Regional Development Conference


Make a Change is all about creating the skills, inspiration and support for making change.

We enable individuals, community organisations, councils and commercial business to make a change.

Karen Corr, Director of Make a Change and Sharon Seyd of Jump Leads, are sharing how they do this at Redefining the Future of Regional Australia, the 2015 Regional Development Conference.

Getting to the heart of the matter to make a change is tricky part, in some ways this making sense of the “soup”; the sectors, politics, ethics, opinions, agendas, complaints, strategies, ideas, needs fulfilled and unfulfilled.

Make a Change Australia sets up all projects to engage and activate people using a framework that has these three key elements:

(1) The Neutral Zone

The Neutral Zone is a “new” space for dialogue held by a third party to allow different and sometimes opposing sectors to connect and communicate freely & effectively and then enable effective positive change, from the bottom up, where by communities are free to lead and take responsibility for the direction / dialogue.

(2) The Energising of Pre-Engagement and Promotion

Community engagement is effective when creativity and inspiration are present, but often this needs to be stimulated. Using a diversity of communication modes we connect audience with engagement that is appropriate to both the community and the issue

(3) The Facilitation of Productive Dialogue, Designed to Reach Clear Conclusions, Prescribed Outcomes, and Possible Actions

This is the design of a process that empowers change and the momentum forward between all parties and peoples engaged.

Make a Change is ready to present at your next event on our unique modes of engagement and empowerment for changemakers. Contact us or leave a message below, we would love to learn more about your change making project.