2015 An Exciting Year Ahead

By February 14, 20158. General News


been busy planning these last couple of months for an absolutely
amazing year. Here is a little snippet of our plans as well as our asks
of you – our supporters and fellow changemakers:

New partnership

joining forces with an amazing not-for-profit Jumpleads NFP, the
founders of Pop Up Art. More on this later but what that means is we now
have DGR status and an expanded team.

ask? Keep us in mind if you’re looking for professional services for
your next community development, community engagement or business
enterprise project.

Synergize Learning Lunches

SynergizeHub, the co-working space where Make a Change is based is launching a
Learning Lunches series. We’re excited to have helped set this up and be
the first presenter for the series.

Our ask? Come along and be part of the conversation. You can register for the first talk here.

Outside the Square Bendigo Series

this is going to be huge. We have an amazing program lined up this year in Bendigo. Check it out here and let us know if you’d like to be involved.

Our ask? Come on board a partner and help make this program happen!

Inspiration Cafe

will be hosting our biggest Inspiration Cafe event yet, to be held
later this year as part of the National Changemaker’s Festival. This is
one big celebration not to be missed!

Our ask? Come on board a partner and help make this event happen!

Let’s Nut it Out

boy we can’t wait for this one. We’re planning a huge day for start ups
and social entrepreneurs to come together in a big hall full of tables
and plenty of butchers paper. We’ll get to work on our projects and help
each other nut out our challenges. 

Our ask? Come on board a partner and help make this event happen!

Launch of Stay Social

of what we do at Make a Change is help make innovative projects happen.
Well you will not believe what I (Karen) have been working on with my
husband Chris. A new socially conscious accommodation place called StaySocial launching in March this year.

Our ask? Sign up to the Stay Social facebook page and share with your friends

Writing a book for Changemakers

been collecting stories and learnings about changemaking for many years and now it’s time to turn this into a book. Along with our training
and development tools, this will be a resource for changemakers to draw
on as they go on their journey to create change.

Our ask? Stay tuned for our crowdfunding campaign to be launched soon.

our biggest ask? Stay in touch and engaged with what we are up to and
please share this with everyone you know. We want to reach out to as
many changemakers as we can and support them in their quest to make a