2014 Survey Outcomes

By February 22, 2015General News



Our theory of change at Make a Change Australia is that; Change happens due to:

  • Inspiration – to get going;
  • Skills – to know what to do; and
  • Support – to be able to keep going in good times and bad.

the end of last year we brought on the team from Bendigo based company
Wise World Solutions to find out just how well Make a Change is
inspiring, providing skills to make a change and support changemakers
during good times and bad.

Thank you to everyone who made the time to complete the 5 minute survey, in total we had 78 people responding.

we asked you what services you found most satisfying in our suite of
services one third identified Outside the Square, and one third our
Newsletter.  Two of our regular high profile services that connect with
many changemakers.

In fact, in your overall rating for all our
services at Make a Change, we got a score of 7.5 out of 10! Pretty good
we thought.  With other written feedback it made us realise we
need to get better at telling you about all the services we have on
offer. ” I wasn’t aware of all the fabulous services on offer, so
.” or “Make a Change services are not well known by the masses.”

we want to share with you the wide range of services we can provide,
many of which are “behind the scenes”. Such as strategic planning or
working along side you and your team to engage participation or
community connection.  In 2014 our clients included Design Experts,
School for Social Entrepreneurs, the City of Greater Bendigo, Glenelg
Shire, Bendigo Sustainability Group, Bendigo Students Association.  In
government, not for profits and commercial organisations we  delivered
training, strategy and engagement.

 “Service provided
is useful, relevant, thought provoking and inspiring.  Website is very
effective.  Frequent events mean Make a Change Australia is always on
your radar

time I attend a Make a Change Australia event I learn something new
about the world, the Bendigo community and myself too. I wish I could
attend more of the events.”

Comments like these on the
best aspects of Make a Change were fantastic to receive.  This was
checked by the survey revealing that you want more of what we offer but
super boosted.  “More regular meetings and more engagement and debate
through social media.”

Thanks again, we look forward to working
with you again in 2015. Read here our exciting plans for the year ahead.