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10/10 Mentoring is a new program, delivered in Bendigo, for community organisations and leaders to achieve their BEST. It partners generous local experts with community groups seeking support, and will be held throughout 2019.

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If you or your community organisation needs support you may like to:


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10 out of 10 is a 10-month capacity building and mentoring program which aims to enhance performance, productivity and results for 10 local community organisations. Ten organisations will each be partnered with a local mentor, who is a respected specialist. These groups will work on their own community resilience solutions for Greater Bendigo, across sectors and a variety of local challenges.

Building on the momentum and engagement from the now completed two-year Greater Bendigo Curriculum for Change, this program aims to support selected organisations to grow their community impact through training, resources and provision of an experienced local leader as a dedicated mentor.

This program is generously supported by the City of Greater Bendigo.


Program includes:

  • A formal application process for mentors/mentees to be matched
  • Matching mentor skills to the gaps/challenges the organisation wants to address
  • Guidelines/materials to support the mentor/mentee relationships
  • Minimum of four mentor-guided sessions with organisation lead or team
  • Regular mentor debrief/support will be available/provided
  • One full day Expand Your Impact workshop for organisations, their teams and optionally mentors to attend (for up to 60 people)
  • Four online resource packages to build upon content covered in the workshop
  • A completion gathering for all mentors/mentees to: connect; attend; celebrate; maintain momentum; network; and share learnings. 

When and where?

The program will be delivered in Greater Bendigo. Organisations will be selected based on being a not-for-profit or community group located and delivering outcomes within the City of Greater Bendigo municipality.

Why is this project important for the community?

There’s a reliance on government agencies to solve problems faced by communities, but government agencies also express a need for communities to create solutions for themselves.

This program fosters community led outcomes providing IP, skills, training, professional development, encouragement, support – where it’s wanted and needed.

Participating organisations have the opportunity to work through ‘challenges’ during the workshop, and over a 10-month period with their selected mentor.

Important benefits for community:

  • Fostering a culture of sharing local knowledge as opposed to bringing in experts from ‘out of town’, through accessing skills/expertise from mentors. Enabling real relationships to develop locally, increasing potential for sustainable support structures to develop
  • Creating a ripple effect of positive impact, via the success of organisations involved, and community outcomes they deliver.
  • Organisations involved providing leadership to other groups wanting to grow and expand, paying benefits forward.
  • Instilling aspiration and setting a standard for emerging groups/NFPs through application process/selective criteria
  • Providing inspiration/resources to assist others grow their impact by sharing stories/lessons learned.

Community project themes

Themes will be broadly about creating positive change across a variety of challenges, while all will foster local community-led solutions and building resilience in communities.

Community groups and the challenges they will address will be determined and published once the selection process is completed.

2019 10 out of 10 calendar overview

Thanyou for your interest in 10/10. Applications are now closed.

If you are interested in bringing this program to your community, please contact us:

Phone: 0419 006 243
Email: [email protected]
Instagram: @MakeChangeAus
Twitter: @Makeachange_aus

The Make a Change Team


  • Brian Day says:

    Good afternoon, I would like to know more about this program. I’m a member of the Latrobe Alumni Committee Bendigo Chapter. I’m also the Association Secretary for the Long Gully Community Centre Inc. I’m working with the City of Greater Bendigo Council on some ideas relating to customised mentoring of community groups on governance issues.Your project sounds like something with which I would like to be involved.

  • Vidhya vidhu says:

    Wow Nice program and good scheduling, We, at Startup Xperts help startups and small businesses with mentoring at various stages of their growth. We understand the importance of mentoring and we act as their guiding force. They are definitely many benefits that a startup can derive from having a business mentor onboard. We are also trying to do this 10/10 program. You can have a look at Mentor Services

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